Step into the captivating world of paranormal investigations, where advanced equipment empowers seekers of the supernatural. In this comprehensive guide, we explore every type of paranormal equipment, shedding light on their functionalities, working principles, and their vital role in capturing compelling evidence of the paranormal. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of the unseen.

I. Full Spectrum Cameras: Revealing the Invisible:

Full spectrum cameras are indispensable tools for capturing visual anomalies beyond human perception. By detecting ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, these modified cameras, such as the RIG001 Custom Professional Paranormal Investigation Rig, offered exclusively by Real Haunted Savannah, unveil hidden entities and energy sources that elude ordinary sight. The custom rig features a modified Action Camera for Full Spectrum UHD4k Video Capture, ensuring pristine footage of the paranormal.

II. Digital Recorders: Capturing Eerie Voices:

Digital recorders play a pivotal role in capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Real Haunted Savannah’s selection of high-quality digital recorders provides investigators with professional-grade audio recording capabilities, ensuring the capture of clear, unexplained voices, whispers, and other auditory phenomena believed to be the voices of spirits.

III. Spirit Box Device: Real-Time Communication with the Other Side:

The Spirit Box, a must-have device in paranormal investigations, enables real-time communication with the spirit realm. By rapidly scanning through radio frequencies, it generates a continuous stream of white noise, which spirits manipulate to form intelligent responses. Real Haunted Savannah offers Spirit Box devices that serve as powerful conduits, facilitating immersive and interactive paranormal experiences.

IV. Paranormal Puck and Ovilus: Text-Based Direct Communication Devices:

Real Haunted Savannah offers the Paranormal Puck and Ovilus devices, which serve as remarkable tools for direct communication with spirits. These text-based devices utilize advanced algorithms and sensors to generate words or phrases based on environmental readings. By analyzing temperature, electromagnetic field (EMF), and other data, these devices allow spirits to communicate by selecting words from a built-in database, providing a unique and interactive channel for investigators.

V. SLS Camera: Visualizing Entities Beyond the Veil:

Unleash the extraordinary capabilities of the SLS Camera, a powerful tool for detecting and visualizing entities that are usually imperceptible. By projecting a grid of infrared light, this advanced camera maps the surroundings, allowing investigators to witness human-shaped figures or skeletal outlines, capturing captivating interactions with spirits or energetic entities.

VI. Polterpod: Amplifying Spirit Communication Through Sound:

The Polterpod, similar to the Spirit Box (White Noise Machine), enhances spirit communication by utilizing sound waves. This device operates with a faster band sweep, creating a dynamic range of frequencies that spirits can ride and manipulate to communicate directly. By harnessing this innovative technology, investigators can engage in real-time conversations with paranormal entities, capturing their responses and unraveling the mysteries of the supernatural.

VII. Paranormal Music Box: Enchanting Spirits Through Motion Detection:

The Paranormal Music Box, available through Real Haunted Savannah, combines motion detection with eerie melodies to create a captivating experience. This device features a motion sensor that triggers the music box to play a spooky tune when spirits break the field around it. By responding to spirit activity, the Paranormal Music Box becomes a catalyst for communication, enticing spirits to interact and leaving investigators mesmerized by the otherworldly connections formed.

VIII. Rempod: Illuminating Energetic Disturbances:

The Rempod, short for “Radiating Electromagnetic Pod,” is designed to detect disturbances in electromagnetic fields. Emitting its electromagnetic field, it responds to disruptions caused by nearby objects or entities, alerting investigators with lights or sounds. This device serves as a reliable indicator of potential paranormal activity.

IX Laser Grid for Enhanced Detection:

In addition to the remarkable devices mentioned above, the Laser Grid is a valuable tool for paranormal investigators. This device creates a large grid of lasers, casting an intricate pattern across a designated area. By observing the grid, investigators can detect the presence of spirits when they break or interrupt the laser field. Shadows passing through the grid or disturbances in the lasers’ alignment can indicate the presence of paranormal activity, providing visual confirmation during investigations.

Embarking on a paranormal investigation armed with the right equipment is paramount in unraveling the mysteries of the supernatural. Discover the realm of the unknown and unleash the full potential of your investigations with professional paranormal equipment. Real Haunted Savannah offers an exclusive custom rig, the RIG001 Custom Professional Paranormal Investigation Rig. Meticulously crafted in their custom shop, this rig features a modified Action Camera for Full Spectrum UHD4k Video Capture, UHD Professional Audio Recorder, IR Light Display, and all-aluminum rigging. Customizable to accommodate additional equipment, this rig is the ultimate tool for capturing compelling evidence of the paranormal. Visit to explore the exceptional range of equipment and take your paranormal investigations to new heights. Please allow 2-3 weeks for assembly and delivery, as each rig is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of excellence.

About the Author Kris Olson

Kris Olson is a prominent ghost hunter in the South East, was featured in South Magazine Fall 2021 issue and Adventure Cities Season 1 on Discovery Channel. Kris lives in Savannah, Georgia, where he leads ghost investigations at the city's most haunted sites. Kris has a personal relationship with the spirits that speak to him through his work as a paranormal investigator. This allows him to connect with the other side more easily and communicate more effectively with the spirits.

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