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Along the Banks of the Ashley River This Area became central to the Phosphate Mining Industry in the late 1860s & 1870s. Many companies sprang up along the Ashley River as the South struggled to rebuild itself after the Civil War. 



Many Freedmen took jobs as laborers for these phosphate companies and would leave the farm work to their family while they worked for the phosphate company to bring in extra money. 

Charleston Paranormal has partnered with The Witch Doctor to bring you The Haunted Farmhouse. A 1st of it’s kind Paranormal Playground set on an old farmhouse with acres of family land surrounding it. There’s more than human spirits here, something ancient lives in the woods, although the overall feeling is positive, you may want to bring a friend to explore the back woods. The Property is full of a Variety of Spirits and we have captured Orbs, EVPs, Thousands of Spiritbox Responses, Shadows, Audible Responses (Disembodied Voices), Direct Ovilus Responses, SLS Captures, Poltergeist Activity, and all of this and The Witch Doctor are waiting for you at The Haunted Farmhouse!


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