SB11SpiritboxRig W/UHD Audio



Charleston Paranormal’s Custom SB11 Spiritbox Rig with All Aluminum Rigging, Aluminum Contoured Tripod Handle & Mounted UHD Audio Recorder. This is an excellent hand held & or stand-alone device to up your game on your next investigation. Easily place this rig down anywhere, even un-even terrain, or on a stack of mismatched books! The UHD Recorder will capture all of the Night’s EVPs as well as the action on your Spiritbox! Features Mute Button as well as Red Light, Temp Flux Alert & Dual Channels (2CH, AM, & FM, Easy to disable Ant Button). Comes with 4GB Micro SD Card for the Audio Recorder. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Original Factory Warranty applied to all items UNMODIFIED**Does not apply to Full Spectrum Camera or Any Modified Camera Equipment.

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