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Originally part of the Lord Proprietor’s Plantation established in 1670 one of the first plantations in the Carolinas, managed by C.C. Bowen; also known as the Bowen Plantation & later the Brown Plantation. This Freedman’s Cottage is still home to so many men, women, and children from those days.


They run around the back porch loudly on planks that are long gone and can be heard snapping twigs in the backyard. They hide in the Attic sometimes, other times they want to play games in the Green Room.


This is one of our First Investigation sites and we have such a deep love for this house, with regular Direct Communication with several, FAVORITE, FAMILIAR and REGULAR Spirits it’s easy to become attached to it.

The Maryville Plantation House is one of the first homes that would have been purchased by Freedmen after the Civil War. 

The Town of Maryville, along the Ashley River & 61 in West Ashley, was originally all plantation land, from the original plantation. After the Civil War, Maryville, became one of the 1st communities established by former slaves and was a model of Self-Governance, until their Charter was Revoked by the City of Charleston in 1936.

The people who lived here, and still live here, have a long history of community on this land and many of them live there, and have lived there, their entire lives. We have captured Hundreds and Hundreds of Hours of footage in this house and have captured everything from EVPs, ORBS, Thousands of Spiritbox Responses, SEVERAL of the SAME ENTITY Responding over the course of several years.

This was the first house that broke everything open for me and I have a deep love for it and for all of those who’s still there.

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