This section is dedicated to Ghost Theory, backed by evidence captured throughout our years of Paranormal Investigation.


We regularly update this section to provide new insight & perspective to these various Theories, as well as adding new Theories as we make new discoveries!

Ghost Theory #1: Orbs Are Souls

We believe that our energy continues to exist after our physical bodies die, that resulting energy, which some religions would call “a Soul” we believe manifests itself in a physical form as an Orb, Orbs, other known & captured light anomalies commonly referred to as “Orbs”.

Ghost Theory #2: Some Spirits Stay, Some Crossover

While we do not quite understand why some spirits stay and some “Cross Over”, we have documented evidence of direct communication verifying that some spirits “Cross Over”, this fits very nicely with some Religions conceptions of Purgatory.
We believe there are (Human Beings, Human Spirits in this Realm, Other Spirits in this Realm, and Human Spirits who have Crossed Over (attained enlightenment, ascended to Heaven, etc)

Ghost Theory #3: Ghosts Use the Environment to Help themselves, & Each Other to Communicate

We have captured regular evidence of EVPs occurring after a loud sound in the environment, this may be walking up the stairs and causing a creak, or in some cases, a bang caused by a falling, thrown, or slapped object/floor/wall, etc. We believe that the spirits can use the energy from these occurrences to ride (like a wave) and better project their voice onto Recordings.

Ghost Theory #4: Portals are Real

We believe through evidence captured that certain spaces are designated as “More Active” than others, especially with the frequency of actual physical, doors, doorways, mirrors, and convergence of directions, we have experienced enhanced activity in these places as well as experienced physical energy transference from the portal area to our group members.

Ghost Theory #5: Ghost Travel Ability

We have captured evidence supporting the ability of Ghosts to Travel both “Pretty Far” from where they have attachment as well as “Pretty Quick” when asked about their Speed of Travel. During several experiments with the Spiritbox and Request for “Numbers” of spirits at any one moment, we have received Lightning Quick Successive numbers updated over the course of 10 or 15  seconds ( “2…7..9…13…22…30”) which gives me the visual impression of them just “showing up” within seconds of each other and adding to the count…

Ghost Theory #6: Shadowmen way not be ALL bad...

This is a personal discovery of mine…I have to admit that I thought Shadowmen were some of the most terrifying things that you can experience, however, recent data suggests that not all Shadowmen are “Bad”. The Shadowman at the Sorrel-Weed house for example is always characterized as a Revolutionary War Soldier because of the Area of the basement he resides in, and his “traffic pattern” of “marching” back and forth…however, after capturing what we believe to be his voice during an investigation there, we believe that he was actually a former slave who may have met with a very violent end (trying to defend Molly?) and now is Extremely protective, and very powerful…but not intrinsically evil…


This is one that we feel a lot of people may sense, or have a feeling about, but we never really talk about it. So here it is. We feel all can pretty much agree that Negative Spirits feed on Negativity, sadness, despair, trauma, etc.
However, we also feel that Positive Activity, Positive People, Laughter, Excitement (not fear), Joy, and Happiness can also strengthen Positive Spirits. (i.e., oh the spirits here are very nice vs, mean at other, darker locations).
Many of you may agree with all of that, but we would also like to add that we feel that the Current and Ongoing Spiritual Activity at a location can have either positive or negative effects on that place. Further we feel that by introducing Laughter, and Joy, and happiness, into a haunted environment, you can possibly strengthen the positive Spirits and maybe even shift the energy into a more positive environment, given time, maybe fully Positive.