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Safety Protocol & Covid-19

During the time of Covid-19 we at Charleston Paranormal are uniquely positioned to offer very safe and secure paranormal touring options. 
We encourage social distancing between groups while on the tour, and encourage our guests to wear facemasks if they feel they should.
All Premium Rigs are cleaned before and after tours and Hand Sanitizer is available at all of our locations. 

Paranormal Investigation Do's & Don't

Maintain Respect for the House, Spirits, Crew, and Other Guests at all times! We have a Zero Tolerance policy on this.


Please limit Alcohol Consumption down to 2 drinks directly before the investigation. While watching an Investigation on TV can be fun when drinking, Actually conducting one while drinking is not a good idea. This is NOT that event. 


Please show up on time, stay engaged, and listen to your guides. We are here to help guide you through your first, or your 10th investigation with us and we are 100% here to help you.


If you are in a weakened physical or emotional state you SHOULD NOT book this tour. Charleston Paranormal is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any attachments or other paranormal behavior experienced by our guests, due to their own actions. 


We have a comfortable relationship with the spirits of the houses that we investigate and they are always friendly with friendly people.  

No Provoking of any kind. We are NOT that paranormal company. Please see Item number one at the top of the list.

Explore the paranormal!

Have Questions? We are here to help guide you through the Process as well as your First Investigation!


Please let us know how we can help!