The First & Only Paranormal Tour Company In Charleston To Bring You Into A Real Haunted House For Your Own 3-4 Hour Investigation

We guarantee that we can show you where and how to capture evidence of real ghosts. We have different captures, some of the same spirits captured over several years.

The entire night is captured on UHD4K and UHD audio, we also have several direct connect devices, communication tools & trigger objects!


Visit some of the MOST HAUNTED locations throughout Savannah. 

We continue to add new Investigation Locations and offer Custom Overnight Investigation Packages.


Our Team of Paranormal Investigators, Guides, and Audio/Video Techs are there to handle all of the logistics for your night’s investigation. We are there to guide you through the entire Investigation.


Custom Shop Charleston Paranormal Professional Rigs, UHD4k XCAMs, UHD Audio Recorders,  Multiple Direct Connect Devices, Mel-Meter EMF Detectors, SLS Custom Rig, Ovilus, Mr. Bear & more!

Guests receive all Video & Audio files direct download.


Kristofer Olsen

Charleston Paranormal

About the Founder

Founder of Charleston paranormal and Real Haunted Savannah. Lead Investigator & Audio/Video Production, Custom Shop designer & developer.

After discovering major paranormal activity while renovating a house in Charleston, I made the decision to dedicate my efforts to capturing, documenting, & sharing proof of the Afterlife with our guests. We love exploring new locations, some unknown, other famous, meeting all of the spirits in the house, not just the 2 or 3 mentioned on other ghost tours, and learning as much as we can while we're here. It truly is the most amazing and rewarding work!


We are here to answer any questions that you have about your Upcoming Paranormal Adventure!



We look forward to answering your questions and guiding you through your paranormal investigation! 

                                           ~  REAL HAUNTED SAVANNAH

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